The installation of the package is quite simple and can be accomplished with very little or no manual configuration.


Issuing the following command will install all required files:

pip install marcomanager


Alternatively it is possible to download the full package from the git repository or pip and install it using the following command:

python install

Please note that root access may be necessary depending on your setup.

The script installs the following files:

  • The package marcomanager in the default Python library directory.
  • An entry point called marcomanagerd
  • A service file in the /etc/init.d or /etc/systemd/system/ directory.
  • Some configuration files in /etc/marcomanager

The installation script enables the service by default (with no services). You can create services and then reload the service. Please note that the Marco or Polo daemons must be running in order to use them, and will not be enabled by the service.