The utility detects all nodes in the network and install the specified public key in them. This is useful when deploying ssh-based applications such as MPI, avoiding entering the password every time.

If run with the -h, a help message is displayed

>  Usage: marcoinstallkey [-h|-n] [-i [identity_file]] [-p port] [[-o <ssh -o options>] ...] [-u user]\n

 -h, --help     show this help message and exit
 -i [identity_file]   Use only the key(s) contained in identity_file (rather than looking for identities via ssh-add(1) or in the default_ID_file).
                      If the filename does not end in .pub this is added. If the filename is omitted, the default_ID_file is used.
                      Note that this can be used to ensure that the keys copied have the comment one prefers and/or extra options applied,
                      by ensuring that the key file has these set as preferred before the copy is attempted.
 -p [port]
 -o [ssh_option]
 -n                   dry run
 -u                   user