clientssl module

Module methods


Starts the factory for SSL connections

Parameters:argv (list) – The parameters passed to the command-line entry point

(minus the first one)

The Servlet class

class polousers.clientssl.Servlet[source]

A Protocol that listens for SSL connections and executes MarcoPolo-like commands

configure_tomcat(directory, uid)[source]

Configures the local instance of Tomcat to work with a set of ports dedicated to the user.

Tomcat uses the following ports:

  • 8080: The main port where services listen for connections. It is replaced by uid + 10000
  • 8005: The shutdown port. It is replaced by uid + 20000
  • directory (str) – The path of the Tomcat installation
  • uid (int) – The uid of the user, which determines the number of the port
create_homedir(name, uid, gid)[source]

Creates the home directory, setting the appropriate permissions

  • name (str) – The path of the directory
  • uid (int) – The uid of the owner
  • gid (int) – The gid of the owner’s main group

Process a new stream of information

Parameters:data (bytes) – The stream of information