Source code for marcodeployer.utils

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from os import path
from crypt import crypt
from re import compile as compile_regex

import pam
import netifaces as ni
from netifaces import AF_INET
import six
import spwd
import pwd
[docs]def authenticate(name, password): """ Returns true or false depending on the success of the name-password combination using the shadows or passwd file (The shadow file is preferred if it exists) """ try: success = pam.pam().authenticate(name, password) if success is True: return success except Exception as e: logging.warning(e) return False if path.exists("/etc/shadow"): try: if six.PY3: shadow = spwd.getspnam(name).sp_pwdp # else: shadow = spwd.getspnam(name).sp_pwd except KeyError as e: return False else: shadow = pwd.getpwnam(name).pw_passwd salt_pattern = compile_regex(r"\$.*\$.*\$") try: salt = salt_pattern.match(shadow).group() except AttributeError as a: logging.warning(a) return False return crypt(password, salt) == shadow
[docs]def getip(interface, protocol=None, host=None): """ Returns the IP associated with the configured interface """ return ni.ifaddresses(interface).get(AF_INET)[0].get('addr')